Monday, 2018-02-19

Conference Program (tentative)

Sun, Apr 8th
Afternoon Visit of the Dome of the Reichstag Building
(Please indicate interest during ICPE registration)
Day 1 (Mon, Apr 9th)
08:30 Registration
09:00 Workshops
(PABS, HotCloudPerf, WOSP-C)
14:00 Tutorial 1
Day 2 (Tue, Apr 10th)
08:30 Registration
09:00 Tutorial 2 Workshops
14:00 Tutorial 3
Evening ICPE Steering Committee Meeting
Day 3 (Wed, Apr 11th)
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening
09:15 Keynote Peter Braam:
Performance Engineering for the SKA Telescope
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Session 1: Runtime Adaptation
12:45 Lunch Break
14:15 Session 2: High Performance Computing
15:50 Poster/Demo Session with Coffee Break
16:45 Session 3: Monitoring and Profiling
Session 4: Load Testing and Benchmarking I
Evening Reception
Day 4 (Thu, Apr 12th)
08:30 Registration
09:00 Keynote Michael Lyu:
AI Techniques in Software Engineering Paradigm
10:00 Workshop Reports
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Session 5: Best Paper Candidates
12:35 Lunch Break
14:05 Session 6: Cloud Computing I
15:40 Coffee Break
16:10 Session 7: Enterprise Applications
17:20 Introduction to SPEC Research Group and Presentation by SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award Winner
Evening Banquet at Spiegelsaal
Day 5 (Fri, Apr 13th)
08:30 Registration
09:00 Session 8: Load Testing and Benchmarking II
10:10 Coffee Break
10:40 Keynote Aad van Moorsel:
Benchmarks and Models for Blockchain
11:40 Session 9: Cloud Computing II
12:20 Lunch Break (short)
13:20 Session 10: Modeling, Prediction, and Optimization
14:45 Closing
15:00 End

Program Details


Length of presentations (including Q&A):

  • Full papers: 25 minutes
  • Short papers: 17 minutes
  • Work-in-progress/vision papers: 8 minutes


Session 1: Runtime Adaptation

  • FOX: Cost-Awareness for Autonomic Resource Management in Public Clouds
    Veronika Lesch; André Bauer; Nikolas Herbst; Samuel Kounev
    (research full)

  • Adaptive Performance Optimization under Power Constraint in Multi-thread Applications with Diverse Scalability 
    Stefano Conoci; Pierangelo Di Sanzo; Bruno Ciciani; Francesco Quaglia
    (research full)
    acm Artifacts Evaluated: Functional

  • Optimising Dynamic Binary Modification Across ARM Microarchitectures
    Cosmin Gorgovan; Amanieu d'Antras; Mikel Luján
    (research full)

  • TESS: Automated Performance Evaluation of Self-Healing and Self-Adaptive Distributed Software Systems
    Jason Porter; Daniel Menasce; Hassan Gomaa; Emad Albassam
    (research short)

  • To Adapt or Not to Adapt? Technical Debt and Learning Driven Self-Adaptation for Managing Runtime Performance
    Tao Chen; Rami Bahsoon; Shuo Wang; Xin Yao
    (research short)

  • The Vision of Self-aware Reordering of Security Network Function Chains
    Lukas Iffländer; Jürgen Walter; Simon Eismann; Samuel Kounev

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Session 2: High Performance Computing

  • Involving CPUs into Multi-GPU deep learning
    Tung D. Le; Taro Sekiyama; Yasushi Negishi; Haruki Imai; Kiyokuni Kawachiya
    (research full)

  • Measuring Network Latency Variation Impacts to High Performance Computing Application Performance
    Robert Underwood; Jason Anderson; Amy Apon
    (research full)

  • Pattern-based Modeling of Multiresilience Solutions for High-Performance Computing
    Rizwan Ashraf, Saurabh Hukerikar; Christian Engelmann
    (research short)

  • Energy and performance analysis of parallel particle solvers from the ScaFaCoS library
    Michael Hofmann; Robert Kiesel; Gudula Rünger
    (research short)

  • An Auto-Tuning Framework for a NUMA-Aware Hessenberg Reduction Algorithm
    Mahmoud Eljammaly; Lars Karlsson; Bo Kågström

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Poster/Demo Session


  • SPEC CPU2017 – Next-generation compute benchmark
    James Bucek, Klaus-Dieter Lange; Jóakim V. Kistowski

  • Challenges in Multicore Performance Predictions
    Markus Frank, Floriment Klinaku; Steffen Becker

  • Criticality-aware Design Space Exploration for Mixed-Criticality Embedded Systems
    Vittoriano Muttillo, Giacomo Valente; Luigi Pomante

  • Application speedup characterization: modeling parallelization overhead and variations of problem size and number of cores
    Victor H. F. Oliveira, Alex F. A. Furtunato, et al.

  • The Alberta Workloads for the SPEC CPU 2017 Benchmark Suite
    Jose Nelson Amaral, Edson Borin, et al.


  • Spark Job Performance Analysis and Prediction Tool
    Rekha Singhal, Chetan Phalak; Praveen Singh

  • On the Simulation of Processors Enhanced for Security in Virtualization
    Swapneel Mhatre, Priya Chandran; Jithin R.

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Session 3: Monitoring and Profiling

  • Round-Trip Time Anomaly Detection
    Daniel Brahneborg, Wasif Afzal, Adnan Causevic, Daniel Sundmark; Mats Björkman
    (industry short)

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Session 4: Load Testing and Benchmarking I

  • A Declarative Approach for Performance Tests Execution in Continuous Software Development Environments
    Vincenzo Ferme; Cesare Pautasso
    (research full)

  • quiho: Automated Performance Regression Testing Using Fine Granularity Resource Utilization Profiles
    Ivo Jimenez; Noah Watkins; Michael Sevilla; Jay Lofstead; Carlos Maltzahn
    (research full)

  • Towards an Efficient Benchmark Generation Engine for Garbage Collection
    Andres Omar Portillo Dominguez

  • ABench: Big Data Architecture Stack Benchmark
    Todor Ivanov; Rekha Singhal

  • Towards Scalability Guidelines for Semantic Container Management
    Gunnar Brataas; Bernd Neumayr; Christoph Schuetz; Audun Vennesland

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Session 5: Best Paper Candidates

  • Characterizing the Microarchitectural Implications of a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Execution on GPUs
    Shi Dong; Xiang Gong; Yifan Sun; Trinayan Baruah; David Kaeli
    (research full)
    acm Artifacts Evaluated: Functional

  • User-defined Classification and Multi-level Grouping of Objects in Memory Monitoring
    Markus Weninger; Hanspeter Mössenböck
    (research full)

  • Log4Perf: Suggesting Logging Locations for Web-based Systems’ Performance Monitoring
    Kundi Yao; Guilherme B. de Pádua; Weiyi Shang; Steve Sporea; Andrei Toma; Sarah Sajedi
    (research full)

  • ODP: An Infrastructure for On-Demand Service Profiling
    John Nicol, Chen Li, Peinan Chen, Tao Feng; Haricharan Ramachandra
    (industry short)

  • Characterizing the Performance of Concurrent Virtualized Network Functions with OVS-DPDK, FD.IO VPP and SR-IOV
    Nikolai Pitaev, Matthias Falkner, Aris Leivadeas; Ioannis Lambadaris
    (industry short)

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Session 6: Cloud Computing I

  • Virtualization Techniques Compared: Performance, Resource, and Power Usage Overheads in Clouds
    Selome Kostentinos Tesfatsion; Cristian Klein; Johan Tordsson
    (research full)

  • Investigating Performance Metrics for Scaling Microservices in CloudIoT-Environments
    Manuel Gotin, Felix Lösch, Robert Heinrich; Ralf Reussner
    (industry full)

  • Evaluating Scalability and Performance of a Security Management Solution in Large Virtualized Environments
    Lishan Yang, Ludmila Cherkasova, Rajeev Badgujar, Jack Blancaflor, Rahul Konde, Jason Mills; Evgenia Smirni
    (industry short)

  • Runtime Performance Management for Cloud Applications with Adaptive Controllers: An Experience Report
    Cornel Barna, Marin Litoiu, Marios Fokaefs, Mark Shtern; Joe Wigglesworth
    (industry short)

  • A SPEC RG Cloud Group's Vision on the Performance Challenges of FaaS Cloud Architectures
    Erwin van Eyk; Alexandru Iosup; Cristina Abad; Johannes Grohmann; Simon Eismann

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Session 7: Enterprise Applications

  • Generating Realistic Workload through End-User Organization Categorization using High Level Business Operation Data
    Gururaj Maddodi, Slinger Jansen; Rolf de Jong
    (industry full)

  • One size does not fit all: In-Test Workload Adaptation for Performance Testing of Enterprise Applications
    Andres Omar Portillo Dominguez; Vanessa Ayala-Rivera; Maciej Kaczmarski; John Murphy; Amarendra Darisa
    (research full)

  • Performance Improvement Barriers for SAP Enterprise Applications: An Analysis of Expert Interviews
    Adrian Streitz, Maximilian Barnert, Harald Kienegger; Helmut Krcmar
    (industry short)

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Session 8: Load Testing and Benchmarking II

  • Methods for Quantifying Energy Consumption in TPC-H
    Meikel Poess, Da Qi Ren, Tilmann Rabl; Hans-Arno Jacobsen
    (industry full)

  • Using the Raspberry Pi and Docker for Replicable Performance Experiments
    Holger Knoche; Holger Eichelberger
    (industry full)

  • DIBS: A Data Integration Benchmark Suite
    Anthony M. Cabrera; Clayton Faber; Kyle Cepeda; Robert Derber; Cooper Epstein; Jason Zheng; Ron Cytron; Roger Chamberlain

  • SPECnet: Predicting SPEC scores using Deep Learning
    Dibyendu Das; Prakash Raghavendra; Arun Ramachandran

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Session 9: Cloud Computing II

  • Rapid Testing of IaaS Resource Management Algorithms via Cloud Middleware Simulation
    Christian Stier; Jörg Domaschka; Anne Koziolek; Sebastian Krach; Jakub Krzywda; Ralf Reussner
    (research short)

  • Performance Prediction of Cloud-Based Big Data Applications
    Danilo Ardagna; Enrico Barbierato; Athanasia Evangelinou; Eugenio Gianniti; Marco Gribaudo; Tulio B. M. Pinto; Anna Guimarães; Ana Paula Couto Da Silva; Jussara Almeida
    (research short)

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Session 10: Modeling, Prediction, and Optimization

  • Joint Data Compression and Caching: Approaching Optimality with Guarantees
    Jian Li; Faheem Zafari; Don Towsley; Kin K. Leung; Ananthram Swami
    (research full)

  • Choice of SubSystems for Performance Model Simplification
    Farhana Islam; Dorina Petriu; Murray Woodside
    (research full)

  • Optimizing energy-performance trade-offs in IoT applications
    Peter Harrison; Naresh Patel
    (research short)

  • Towards Performance Engineering of Model Transformation
    Raffaela Groner; Matthias Tichy; Steffen Becker

  • Performance Modelling of Smart Cyber-Physical Systems
    Tomas Bures; Vladimir Matena; Raffaela Mirandola; Lorenzo Pagliari; Catia Trubiani

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